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On Fear, Quick-Fixes & Standing by What We Believe

Mary’s post bought home to me how much I want to hide when I might be “outed” . And how fear dictates most of my actions and in actions. I so want to “fit in” that I give away every opportunity God presents to me to grow.
Thank you Mary.

Notes Along The Way

Recently someone forwarded me the following clip:

My first thought was – why send me this?

What is shared in this clip is one very basic truth that is discussed and built upon in far more depth and detail in recordings of events that I was present at and can be viewed here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here… in fact there are over 1200 hours of video on our youtube channel that bring a far broader context and meaning to the importance of emotions and discuss how they relate to the human soul, God, absolute truth, eternal growth, physical healing, and much, much more.

So this video is not news to me. The people involved are discussing something that I discovered a long time ago.

So why send it?

I can actually think of about four reasons why a person…

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Hiding behind fear will never help.

“The world is pretty messed up right now and in order for it to change someone, or some people, will have to show up and disagree with what everyone accepts as normal.”

These words came to me today in a post and every word echoed in my brain, every sentence summed me up to a T.

yes I live in  world controlled by fear,

This is a very broad statement and already I am including everyone in this to make it ok for me to share my story,

Why?  Because I fear ridicule!

I have spent my life in addiction by doing what others want of me, so I wont be criticized, so I wont have people judge me. So people will think I am a nice person, or by some small chance that someone will love me just a little.

But have I been honest… NO, have I been truthful… No, Humble, no, Moral. no


I have met Jesus, I have met  Mary Magdalena and they have taught me about getting to know God.

GOD a word I could not even say 14 years ago, here I was running a spiritual church the “ordained minister”  and nearly choking every time I said the word… God… fearful that I would be ridiculed. It’s very easy to say a word when those around you say it too but to go back to work in an environment where “God” was never mentioned…. oh the taboo. That’s a sure sign that I had no faith that God even existed back then.

I have been so scared to say what I am investigating, what I believe, what I feel to be true, that I am so tied up in knots and having my world controlled by anyone who may judge me.  I am so bogged down that I have not loved those who really truly love me! You may think I mean family, friends… no this is not the sort of love I mean, much of this is still conditional and I am not accepted by them if I show who  I truly am or talk about what I want to believe.

Fear had stopped me, fear of my family judging me, looking at me cross eyed, cutting off my discussion, you see I can only be with family or past friends If I make small talk, agree with them, I cannot have my own voice because my voice has changed, I am different, I want to scream, I want to cut open my facade and scream, here I am ….you have never seen me before! But to do this I know will cause me pain. I have to absorb and build into my soul my trust in God, my faith or my attempts at growing my faith.

I have denied love to those who truly love me, the only true love  God, Jesus, Mary, Cornie, my celestial guides I have denied them because I was scared to say their names to those who didn’t know them. Scared to be honest about them to others I know, scared to share the knowledge I was learning from them. Which is fantastic I will add!

Scared you will judge me. I wonder why I can be so scared of those that I don’t even know, and family that I thought I knew so well.

My children I would give my life for them but I am scared they will toss me aside because of what I believe. How can this hurt so much God? Yes Jesus and Mary have both taught that your Divine love is the only healer and love never hurts so this pain I feel God is not love? Error hurts and Divine Love exposes error.Well I am feeling error God because this fear of being “exposed” to my family and associates is hurting big time. But this is ridiculous because inside of me there is a change maybe only a small change but I can feel it.

Many years ago approx 8 yrs. I became aware of a Man who was teaching something different to what I had heard before. I didn’t try to get to know him or even read what he said, I never tried to do anything myself back then, I always went to someone else and asked their opinion. I cast him aside, I said no thanks.

I followed a path, many paths in my life in fact looking and searching for something, there was a hole in me that I couldn’t fill. Some journeys I did with Crystals, reiki, psychic healing, mind body spirit workshops, several trips to Ashrams in India and listening to spiritual mentors and Guru’s. I did tarot readings, made medicine drums, followed the native Indians. followed Indigenous and Polynesian Shaman, did sweat lodges, picked up dead owls and eagles from the side of the road because “they called me” used their feathers in ceremonies, fans, ran meditation classes and healing circles and even started and ran a Spiritual church, just because a Spirit told me too, and the list goes on.  Everything I tried just didn’t cut it for me long term, there was this underlying ????? and conclusion…no this isn’t it.

I heard about this man again, several times in fact over the next 2 years, his name kept coming up from different sources I ignored this Law of Attraction. and continued on with my incense, candles and sage, getting into Feng shui, and developed my nice spiritual website full of photos of ventures with drum making workshops, and tribal elders, and Indian Gurus.

Finally on approximately the 4th – 6th time, someone close to me at the time phoned, said they drove 14 hours to listen to a man and they had some videos, I asked who he was and of course my soul bought it to me again. This man was Jesus, Alan John Miller I gave in and said yes bring me the DVD’s I will watch to see what I am avoiding. The dvd was called “secrets of the universe” well I was in tears within the first  30 minutes, little pennies were dropping everywhere and I knew then that this was true, so many questions were answered, I  am still listening and learning so much, a lot of the information is still  to enter my soul as truth, and a lot has challenged me in many ways. This information is still drawing me and interesting me years down the track when everything else I was drawn to at one stage has fallen away very quickly in comparison.

I cannot confirm that Alan Miller is Jesus or that Mary is Mary Magdalene at this stage as this has not entered my soul, but I can confirm that this journey, meeting them and listening to their teachings about God has been the only thing that has started to fill this hole in me. I have now felt God’s love and it is the most amazing feeling to know that I am loved unconditionally. I can accept the teachings and who they say they are has no bearing on me experimenting with the information and only when my soul condition has improved to a much higher condition of love will I ever know the truth of their identity.

This time I followed something that has bought meaning to me, that I can experiment with, that I have the opportunity to build my faith in God with, and no one is shoving it down my throat. I spent countless dollars on my “spiritual journey’s” and the only one that makes sense and bought me something tangible has been free, and if God loved us all as she does then this would be the cost to ensure every one world wide can access information on how to grow in love and know our Heavenly parent.

Great information and site I love exploring and experimenting with. You will find links on this site to Youtube channels and FAQ youtube channel







Discernment and Mediumship

Yesterday I wrote a post, while I was typing I became aware that a spirit was with me and expressed their anger through me in some of the writing. Having felt about this more I now feel that to give this spirit a public voice is both unloving to this spirit, and to you. As a result I have deleted this post titled a 3 way conversation.


I have been aware that I am a medium for approx. 14 years now and have on many occasions seen “dead people”/spirits. Heard spirits in various ways and been able to communicate with them on occasions. These are humans that have lived on Earth and have now passed, or babies that have been aborted or miscarried including those babies that have not been able to develop in the womb due to contraceptive devices, the morning after pill and other contraceptive pills. All of these babies have had the soul attach to them from the moment of conception. The act of sex creating 2 bodies (1 physical body, 1 spirit body) and the soul attaches immediately.


Everybody has the ability to be a medium and all are aware of spirits at birth unfortunately society and beliefs of those around you when you are a child stop most children seeing the spirits past a certain age. “Imaginary Friends” are only imaginary to the adults and non-believers around children and after much ridicule the child stops interacting followed by not seeing the child or adults in the spirit world anymore.


Society has a huge negative influence on the child in this regards as much can be done by understanding how the spirit world is set out and help can be given to those that remain Earth bound and stay attached to children on Earth. Some Spirits just don’t know what to do now they have passed and on many occasions they haven’t even realised that they have passed and can’t understand why their families won’t interact with them anymore.


These Earth bound spirits can stay attached to a child for their full life time. Unfortunately the Earth bound spirit lives their life through the child and the child does not get to live their own life. False beliefs about reincarnation can also influence these Earth bound spirits to do this as they think they have to somehow return to Earth to release Karma. I am discovering God to be very logical and there is no logic in returning to work off karma when you can’t even remember what you did wrong in the “previous life”.


A great way to experiment and discover truth in mediumship, is to know yourself more deeply and truthfully and then you can start to notice the difference between your thoughts and words, what is really the words of the unseen spirit.


Practice discernment e.g. Is the statement truth, does it feel like my emotion, Am I really that angry, are the words those that I would regularly use? In the case of my post titled “a 3 way conversation” the particular expletive that was used by the spirit was both vulgar and not a regular part of my vocabulary. I could also feel the difference between my writing and when the spirit over cloaked me.


This is a regular occurrence for most of the population however you do not become aware of this until you desire to start feeling more deeply into this. E.g. some people drink so much alcohol to excess that they cannot walk, yet still manage to get themselves home, in this case the spirit is encouraging the person to continue to drink so that they can experience the effect of the alcohol also.


Our beliefs and fears are just 2 things that can stop us from becoming aware of our brothers and spirits in the spirit world. We provide loving and truthful assistance to those who are desiring to listen or to experiment with the information given to them. In all case everyone has been assigned a guide and many guides throughout of lives that are there just waiting for us to really desire their assistance. Those guides having obtained the highest form of love, Divine love will not assist us unless we sincerely desire them to as they respect the Divine Law of Free Will.


If you are interested in reading more about how spirits can influence your life I have listed some resources below.


You will find very many interesting subjects amongst the sites listed, How to get to know God, yourself, how to heal your own body pain, about addictions, truth, love both man’s natural love and Divine Love that of God, and so much more!


Many many books printed from the 18th and 19th and 20th century channelled from the spirit world via mediums Some of those that delivered messages via a medium are Jesus and many of the names in History that no doubt you will be familiar with.


You will also find audio files some are recorded session with a medium talking with many different groups and individuals in the spirit world for the purpose of assisting those spirits with love and progression through the spirit world. So many beautiful places to discover.


All of this information is free so read or listen to your heart’s content and start practicing discernment today.


Of course you can find many metaphysical sources out there in web land but the following sites are dedicated to the development of the soul in Divine Love and the assistance for everyone on Earth and in the Spirit World to discover just how much love and help is waiting for them. And developing our relationships in love.


My desire is to grow in love and be loving to the spirit that over cloaked me yesterday while I was writing, I will provide him with information that he can experiment with to discover truth for himself if and when he is willing to talk with me.


With love


https:// http://www.divinetruth.com






Book- “The Padgett Messages”,


Divine truth Publishing- book library http://divinetruthpublishing.com


And many more on the web site above