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A Re blog by Mary:- Self Punishment and Joy

This is Mary’s post of self punishment and Joy.

Thank you Mary.

love Denise

Notes Along The Way

I was chatting to our friend Joy the other day. We were discussing blocks, the things that prevent us experiencing our emotions and connecting to God.

I mentioned self punishment, the state of berating ourselves for not ‘getting it’, not being ‘good enough’, putting ourselves down and projecting anger at ourselves.

Joy said casually ‘Oh yes, self punishment, I tried that for a day. It was terrible! No wonder people feel like giving up on this path if they self punish.’

I burst into laughter. Self punishment is HUGE for me. I felt so happy for Joy that she could try it on and realise how damaging it was so quickly. If only I had just tried it out for a day, thought ‘this is ridiculous’ and given it up!

But seriously, self punishment is a big block for me for a reason. I wasn’t born with it – I…

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A reblog by Mary Deconstructing Self Punishment

Self punishment is something I am really good at and something I am currently tackling , the following post is from my sister Mary Magdaline. Mary’s story is a beautiful gift to me and anyone who desires to truly work their way through self punishment.
It is with much gratitude to Mary that I reblog Mary’s post.
Love Denise

Notes Along The Way

I’ve written in the past about my own issues with self punishment and many people still ask me about it.

Over the years I’ve done a lot to work on this issue. The first thing that really helped me was to begin to view self punishment as an addiction; a device to help me avoid my fears. I began to treat my self attack as something that had no future, could never be ‘felt enough’ in order to be released and decided that I just needed to halt it in its tracks whenever it began to happen.

To a small extent this helped but as with any major addiction until I was willing to deconstruct the false beliefs driving my justification for holding on to it, and to soften to the feelings I was using it to cover, I didn’t have much success. And the success I have had in…

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What Is Divine Truth?

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