A personal journey towards God, Divine Love, Divine truth, humility, desire, healing, and my Soul

About Denise

Hi, I’m Denise. I was born in Gympie, Queensland in 1960.  My early years were spent living in Glastonbury outside Gympie on an acre of land. I had ready access to neighbours properties and here I spent many an hour roaming the countryside. My favourite activities raiding and eating the bush lemons, guava trees, wild raspberries and collecting fresh mushrooms after the rain. Exploring the gullies  water holes was a great pass-time watching the eagles fly over Mt Annie.

I learned to love nature and learned as I observed the birds and animals nearby.

In 1993 I married my Husband Wayne, who I believe is my soulmate.

I moved to Wondai, Qld., five years ago following my desire to follow Divine Truth and develop my relationship with God.

I am passionate about nature and I am currently undertaking a period of mentoring with Mary and Jesus learning how to grow in love and to do things God’s Way.

I want to be transparent and so I have attached my tax statement for last financial year in full view until such time as I learn how to attach as a link only lol!

As of the September 2016 I am no longer employed and I personally do not receive an income.

Currently I am working on developing my loving self and breaking down false beliefs about myself. I will write about this journey in my blog in time to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for any donations you may give.

love Denise.






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